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Al Leone

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Author’s Note: In my introduction to the Fourth Digital Edition, I wrote how the final contribution made was the EPILOGUE, added after the 26 essays primarily to offer a rebuttal in advance of issues Christian fundamentalists may have with me or my work. However, about midway I found myself directed to the findings of a fellow visionary – someone I had heard about early on in my journey but had not then been able to source. And while I’d recommended in that intro not to jump ahead to the section, in light of the significance I feel it has in the grand scheme of things I have chosen to reprint it for the benefit of those truth seekers who haven’t read the complete book. In doing so, I also wish to take the opportunity to thank Ms. Kimiko Miyazawa, Dr. Emoto’s interpreter and the Creative Director for Hado Publishing, USA, for her gracious assistance in my being able to meet Dr. Emoto then while on tour in America and later share through correspondence these ideas.


(Pp. 1005-1017, 1020-1024.)

In summarizing my work at the end of the last essay, I recalled how it had been based on the cognition that words embody the energy of thought and experience. And in this conclusion to it, I would like to introduce you to the studies of another seeker of truth, a fascinating man who decided to see if he could use his own scientific training to find evidence in support of our shared belief:

In Japan, it is said that words of the soul reside in a spirit called kotodama or the spirit of words, and the act of speaking words has the power to change the world. We all know that words have an enormous influence on the way we think and feel, and that things generally go more smoothly when positive words are used. However, up until now we have never been able to physically see the effects of positive words.

[Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water, translated by David A. Thayne (Hillsboro, Oregon: Beyond Words Publishing, Inc., 2004), pp. xxvi.]

He found his evidence frozen in water! His work came to my attention early in this project at one of the monthly meetings held with the spiritual group I’ve spoken of twice before herein. I had then considered writing about the discovery and actually began to, but changed my mind since I couldn’t properly source it. I believe now it was also because the time in my journey and place in this book weren’t right. But as God has always had a way of bringing things to me exactly when I needed them, the source came just as I was finishing this. And my predisposition to the information, a seed planted years ago, made me aware of its importance once it reappeared.

The man’s name is Masaru Emoto, and for years he’d been doing research into the measurement of wave fluctuations in water. He had come to the realization that water had the ability to memorize and transmit information, not just in the sense of a wave but at the molecular level. Dr. Emoto knew this principle was fundamental to homeopathy, and he began to wonder if it were possible to prove. A stroke of inspiration led him to select water crystals for study since no two are exactly the same. He devised his own method to create and examine the crystals, and soon realized that the water had to be pure, because any chemically treated water lost the ability to crystallize. Distilled water from a drugstore was initially chosen, to provide continuity with previous experiments. (It would thus also serve as a uniform neutral medium for basing scientific conclusions on the outcome.) From the first, results were astounding. He began by exposing the water to sources of actual vibration – recorded music – and then took the daring leap to inherent vibration – printed words:

All the classical music . . . resulted in well-formed crystals with distinct characteristics. In contrast, the water exposed to violent heavy-metal music resulted in fragmented and malformed crystals at best.

But our experimenting didn’t stop there. We next thought about what would happen if we wrote words or phrases like "Thank you" and "Fool" on pieces of paper, and wrapped the paper around the bottles of water with the words facing in. It didn’t seem logical for water to "read" the writing, understand the meaning, and change its form accordingly. But I knew from the experiment with music that strange things could happen. We felt as if we were explorers setting out on a journey through an unmapped jungle.

The results of the experiments didn’t disappoint us. Water exposed to "Thank you" formed beautiful hexagonal crystals, but water exposed to the word "Fool" produced crystals similar to the water exposed to heavy-metal music, malformed and fragmented.

Further experimenting showed that water exposed to positive expressions like "Let’s do it!" created attractive, well-formed crystals, but the water exposed to negative expressions like "Do it!" barely formed any crystals at all.

The lesson that we can learn from this experiment has to do with the power of words. The vibration of good words has a positive effect on our world, whereas the vibration from negative words has the power to destroy. [Ibid., pp. xxiv-xxv.]

Among the interpretations included with the photographs is the one that expounds on comparing the lovely shape of "Let’s do it" with "Do it," a crystal with a dark center that reminded him of the one formed by the word "Satan." (That is compared on the previous page with the ring of small crystals formed by "Angel," which actually reminded me of a halo.) He says "this might indicate that force and commands are alien to the principles of nature." [Ibid., p. 10.] Dr. Emoto’s analyses are very personal; he seems to imbue the crystals with aspects reflective of his life-philosophy. Doing so is understandable, since he has a very good reason for sharing his feelings. He believes the crystals are trying to tell us something, that they contain clues to the mysteries of existence. Upon delving deeper into his work and life, I have come to learn more of his philosophy, which is based on a vision and hope for the future and a compassionate determination to have a positive impact on it that truly resonate with me. So, I don’t think he would mind a reader interpreting the crystals differently. In fact, he may enjoy being the impetus for inspiration in one’s personal journey. I can surely also relate to that. Yet, it does indicate a difference between a scientist and a philosopher. Scientists examine evidence without judgment for the physical truth. Philosophers examine evidence to find support for one’s philosophy. Some may say I’ve done this myself. The key is the balance, which I feel Dr. Emoto and I have both maintained. And in that spirit I’d like to offer my own insights into his photographic evidence, much as I did for the microtonal evidence provided by Susan Alexjander in the bases of DNA as offering insight into the Earth’s own fundamental resonant frequencies. Because, as I looked at the crystals I felt as if they were trying to tell me something, too. And what I’ll share is admittedly also very personal.

I first marvel at how water can energetically copy and memorize information and then transport it, thereby providing a functional medium for the energetic coding of information carried by words, exactly as I noted in the previous essay. And water’s ability to molecularly code word-information is clearly evident in the crystals. Even for music, realize, its crystals don’t just embody the vibration of its notes, but that of its words. Consider heavy metal! In fact, Dr. Emoto feels that water responds more to words than to music. Also, one of the experiments he conducted involved attaching to bottles of water the same word but in different languages. In each case the crystals, though unique, seemed to embody a remarkable similarity. The similarity in the crystals for "Cosmos" in Japanese, English and German was striking, but the most dramatic for me was "Wisdom," which he notes "may indicate that wisdom is a basic principle of nature throughout the world." [Ibid., p. 12.] I certainly couldn’t disagree, since Wisdom is the Sceptre of the First Pathway to Light and Truth! Yet to me, more revealing in the striking similarity were the slight differences between crystals, as if to indicate the slightly different energy embodied by the same word in each language, again just as I proposed. And that can be expanded to personal shadings within each language, as no two crystals are ever exactly alike.

But there’s another observation I find even more interesting – that practically all properly formed crystals displayed in the book have six points – and I am struck by the harmonic symbolism. The Sixth HarmonicDuality times Triunity – is the first whereby the physical and spiritual harmonics become unified through multiplication. And as Duality evolves to Quadrality, that six would become twelve – the complete vertical and horizontal integration of the Four Pathways to Light and Truth on p. 33.

What can we learn from this? I will try to keep my answers as impersonal as I can and rely on the scientifically-based information I have already shared with you. My work rests on the premise I formalized as the Theory of Harmonic Creation:

The existence and evolution of the Universe and all within it can be understood in terms of the principles underlying the creation of harmonics, the perfected merging of Music and Mathematics – the spiritual and physical reflections of the same Truth within the Movement.

A brief review of its relationship to prime numbers, introduced in my closing essay, is merited. Any frequency is considered a fundamental from which higher frequencies can be born. These are whole number multiples of the fundamental, referred to as its harmonics, and all are related to it in this way. The series of whole numbers whereby it multiplies, from the fundamental theorem of arithmetic are all prime numbers or their multiples. In the Theory of Harmonic Creation, the first multiplier is the source harmonic and all others are known as its harmonic multipliers. It is they that will act upon any fundamental to produce its higher frequencies. Unity is the First Harmonic. Being odd, it is also the first spiritual harmonic, but it is unique in that it imparts no spiritual or physical identity on any harmonics born from or multiplying with it. Two is the only even prime. Any harmonic born from it as source harmonic and all its multipliers is considered physical. These harmonics are all even. Cell division is a great example. Any harmonic born as a product of odd primes is considered spiritual. These are all odd. All other harmonics, those born as a product of even and odd primes, are all even yet they are considered as upholding both spiritual and physical natures. Of the first five harmonics, only the Fourth, Quadrality, is non-prime, and being born as a multiple of 2 is also physical. The next non-prime is the Sixth, born either as 2x3 or 3x2, and as noted above is the first to uphold the two natures.

Now, let’s apply this understanding to water. Since spiritual and physical harmonics each represent correspondence to information concerning a particular nature of existence, water at its most fundamental level serves as the medium of storage and transmission for both. Such an ability would be crucial if water were to be able to store and transmit the information needed for physical creation, as well as be the medium for the spirit permeating it. The System of Quadrality has established the Quadralitic Cube as the embodiment of the Rules and Structure for all harmonic evolution. While it may be difficult to see the intangible coding of the Quadralitic Cube in water from empirical evidence, its tangible coding is quite visible in the ability of water to manifest all the principles of vibration and rotation that the Cube upholds. This is extremely important, since we’ve learned that the physical laws of vibration and rotation unite through the Right- and Left-hand Rules in Physics – which themselves are the physical reflections of the spiritual principles of Yang and Yin. And, we also know from the Principle of Balance and Law of Order that the Tangible reflects the Intangible and the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm. Thus, even a single drop of water contains the ability to uphold the information of those Rules. This is a core principle in the System of Quadrality, yet, without being aware of it, Dr. Emoto has found the principle is well within the scope of 21st century science. He comments on the work of quantum theorist David Bohm, which he says references the idea that every part of the Universe contains the information of all its parts. Within even a single cell exists all the information of the Universe. And time is part of this information, meaning it extends over the past, present and future. So, changing the world in a moment isn’t just a fantasy. Each moment is a different world being shown to us, with each momentary world having an impact on the next. [Ibid., p. 87.]

To reveal conclusively the ability of water to code information according to the System of Quadrality, it’s not enough for it to be seen for the spiritual principles and physical laws of vibration and rotation. It must also be seen for those of structure. All three are upheld in the Quadralitic Cube. So, consider the hexagonal ice crystal structurally. What I’m about to say may seem simplistic, but I feel the very simplicity brings integrity to the crystal’s truth. Begin with its spiritual nature, revealed through the prime of three. A hexagon contains two identical, equilateral triangles rotated 60° relative to each other:


Open Crystal Structure


Now consider its physical nature, revealed through the prime of two. Two points are insufficient to create a plane; for perpendicular axes, four are required. And within the hexagon can be found three identical rectangles, each again rotated 60° relative to the two adjacent:


Closed Crystal Structure


Ice crystals are planar structures, but that plane can be the 2-D reflection of a 3-D Universe. The triangle is the base of a tetrahedron, a polyhedron with four faces, and the rectangle is a plane of the Quadralitic Cube. Imagine the beautiful 3-D ice structures they could embody, and the information that they could contain! Moreover, all these exist in relationship to principles that have been at the foundation of our structural explorations – Cyclic and Linear, Open and Closed. In the plane I’ve shown, the two triangles seem to imply a linear yet open nature in forming their six points, while the three rectangles invite a cyclic yet closed nature in doing so. The same internal structure exists in both. The difference is found in the completion of the outer ring in the second figure. Pondering these figures in 3-D reveals the ideological alignment of these principles. Each equilateral triangle in this X-Y plane is the base of two tetrahedrons, each with its peak on either the positive or negative Z axis. Such a structure in 3-D is closed, in the same sense as a sphere. Likewise, once extended along the Z axis, the Quadralitic Cube can be open, in the same sense as a tube! The possibilities are profound. Even in 2-D the crystals are astonishing. From the simplicity of six external points, crystals evolve into an extraordinary complexity of internal structure in the manner of fractal geometry, evidenced in our study of prime numbers! The intricate lattice of branches and rings reminds me of those found on pre-cable antennas, where each is designed to tune into a particular frequency or range and its harmonics. And the parallel to the processing and storage capability of silicon crystal computer chips is powerful. But perhaps the most significant revelation is that each figure, in devolving from 3-D to 2-D, upholds the Principle of Behavioral Reversal. And as such, they both embody all the vibrational, rotational and structural physical properties required for existence, as well as all the Spiritual Laws and Principles.

From an observation of the mechanics of water we can see that it holds all energetic truth for the inorganic world, but what about the organic? – something the Quadralitic Cube also accounts for in its modeling of DNA. The importance of water in organic life is obvious in any living cell. Water is the medium in which all its processes occur and all its constituents are contained, including the cell’s genetic code. But that is for organic existence as we know it now. What about for it since the Universe began? This is a challenge even for evolutionists, as the astronomical odds for DNA’s existence would make its evolution extremely difficult to account for on Earth if it had to be created from scratch without a preexistence, or at least help from, elsewhere. But as I mentioned earlier, if not DNA itself, scientists realize the bombardment of Earth by ice comets and meteorites from its earliest days of formation could have at least delivered its ingredients here. It would also allow the evolutionist to avoid the issue. Dr. Emoto speaks of the ice comets as well, but chiefly to illustrate how water came to this planet rather than what the water may have contained.

There are many parallels in the understandings Dr. Emoto and I have arrived at concerning the energetic nature of the Universe. Dr. Emoto has based his work on a truth he calls Hado (rhymes with shadow), the idea that all existence is vibration. While not explicitly stated in the book I’ve been referencing, it is discussed in detail on his web site, where the following definition is noted: "The intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter. The smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness." [http://www.hado.net/hado_introduction.html] The word has caught on in Japan to the point that its use has become a part of popular culture. Think of it perhaps as a modern interpretation of chi or prana – universal life-energy – with a more scientific acknowledgment of its vibrational nature. Dr. Emoto says all emotions, those expressed either through music or words, contain frequencies that the water is responding to or resonating with. From this, commonalities in our philosophies can clearly be seen. He is referring to an application of my Principle of Harmonic Alignment. As you may recall, I was introduced to the Eastern idea that words embody energy from the writings of Mokichi Okada. And as the spiritual leader Meishu-sama, he would devote countless hours to drawing calligraphy. Some were elaborate divine scrolls with characters to honor the Great God of Light, Creator of the Universe, others were expressions rooted in his spiritual teachings, and yet others, created in the thousands, were of the simple character for Light, given to his followers for healing and protection. He knew the characters he’d drawn embodied both the energy of the word as well as the energy of the artist – an idea he extended to all art. We can extend it to all music embodying the energy of the notes and the musician. So, Dr. Emoto’s crystals have offered evidence for Mr. Okada’s intuitions, similarly to my System of Quadrality providing the mechanics for Dr. Emoto’s. This is because unlike Science, which acknowledges resonance as a property of physical energy, Quadrality has expanded that recognition to include spiritual energy.

But the Principle of Harmonic Alignment is not the only Spiritual Law of Being that Dr. Emoto invokes. He also does so for the Principle of Balance, a law that I adapted from Mokichi Okada’s philosophies. Though not referring to it as such, Dr. Emoto explains how words exist as balanced opposites: hate vs. gratitude, anger vs. kindness, fear vs. courage. And when words refer to emotional energy, comparisons can be made between those emotions and physical parts of the body. From this he is able to draw a parallel between an illness and a negative emotion. He then proposes those illnesses can be treated by the opposite emotional energy. For, as I noted earlier, he says each emotion contains frequencies, and the positive frequencies will cancel out the negative. He cites as an example an experiment involving the use of sound waves opposite to the frequencies of noise for the purpose of removing it.

Clearly, Dr. Emoto’s intuitions, based on his own observations, have led him to a postulate similar to the one I’ve been advancing throughout my work – and have detailed the science behind in The Mechanics of Spiritual Healing. Actually, his use of positive and negative is more philosophical in that regard; frequency cancellation in wave theory is a property of interference that we learned results from a reversal in phase alignment. Basically, for him these words relate to states of wellbeing. Moreover, my essay also references the role of rotation in this process. Dr. Emoto’s focus is on the role of vibration. However, he does note that healthy water needs to rotate, so, intuitively a connection between vibration and rotation is made.

But in what forms might negative energy exist in water? The Mechanics of Spiritual Healing considers it as negative values for phase, spin or charge, for which water could certainly be a medium of transmission. But they may not affect its ability to crystallize. However, its purity would, and pollution is a form of "negative energy" in the sense of being an impediment to water’s natural ability. Moreover, there are vibrational conditions that would do likewise. One is distortion, an undesired property of a waveform; another is noise, an undesired quality. And both can be thought of as pollution. To simplify, these take a wave from its "purest" shape, a sine curve from which perfect crystals could be formed, to an "impure" sawtooth or square shape, from which imperfect crystals appear, if any. The key lesson for us, essential to the Principle of Harmonic Alignment, is that we can choose to align with or disengage from any form of wave. Distortion can be removed and even noise cancelled!

Another point I must mention is that while affirming the Principle of Balance, he has only considered the second of its two establishing dualities, Positive and Negative, leaving out Spiritual and Physical. Moreover, even with Positive and Negative he has limited its understanding to being an expression of Beneficial vs. Harmful. Negative in its constructive sense is overlooked. However, by narrowing his application of the Principle of Balance in this way and then applying it to observations of water crystals, he was able to make a rather profound discovery. Only pure water and positive words created well-formed crystals and beautiful images, while polluted or chemically treated water and negative words produced deformed crystals and disturbing images. So, the cause/effect relationship between a negative emotion and a physical imbalance was established. In addition, a correlation between chemical and emotional impurities as each harmfully affecting water was made as far as its crystallization is concerned. Other of his experiments expanded on these ideas by showing how harmful radiation from television sets, microwave ovens and cell phones adversely affected the water, while the placement of words like love and gratitude on the bottles somehow protected them. But an even more significant finding to me was that words like love and gratitude could heal water that had been adversely affected by such harmful radiation, much as they could for water that had been polluted or chemically treated!

Consideration of all this leads to a very important observation for which the System of Quadrality holds the truth. Dr. Emoto has offered his water crystals as evidence for the ability of water to code information. But the water crystals only appear when given the chemical and emotional purity I’ve just described. So, it may be an observer’s natural inclination to assume the non-crystallized or darkly-imaged water has lost the ability for coding. The Spiritual Laws of Being are inescapable. And when they manifest as physical laws of existence, given their specific applications and limitations, each is likewise inescapable. Otherwise, laws like F=ma and E=mc2 could not be considered laws. And the law of energy conservation mandates that once energy exists, and by our cognition of the Principle of Balance also the information associated with it, it can’t then not exist. It merely changes into another form. Even in a Black Hole, where energy is said to lose its information, it only does so in the Physical Realm sense. A scientist who can accept the Spiritual Realm’s existence should also realize that the information itself has changed into a form relevant there. This causes problems for others who don’t admit to the scientific realities of the Realm beyond, paradoxically a Realm further into which they seem to be delving. It is the same reason they have a problem with the singularity at the Big Bang. In both cases the Law of Dynamic Stability supplies the solution in providing for the system under consideration, and for which conservation is applied, to include the Spiritual. So, the bleak images and malformed structures in impure water aren’t an indication of its loss of information. Those images and structures are the information the water contains. It is still telling us something. It is letting us know that it is "sick," or if you wish, in a state of imbalance for which the Law of Dynamic Stability will still apply to prevent discord or disorder from ruling it. This is the reason sick water can become well when supplied with the necessary resources through the Law of Universal Use. And the fact that we have a say in this process, both in water becoming sick and becoming well again, is I feel the penultimate hidden message in water. As Dr. Emoto has found, water’s natural state on Earth is well.

We should note how important and unique water is in the Universe. First of all, it is one of the simplest chemical compounds, formed by only two elements – Hydrogen and Oxygen – in a perfect ratio of 2 to 1. Hydrogen is the basic and most abundant element in the Universe from its inception, soon followed by the second most abundant, Helium. Oxygen was one of the earliest to form from them once the Universe had sufficiently cooled following the Big Bang. Water would then be one of the earliest compounds. You may ask, how can that be in such heat? But one reason water is ideally suited as code-carrier since Zero Moment is that it can exist in all three tangible states – gas, liquid and solid – and it originally began as gas. Thus, it became the medium whereby the information born into the Universe via the Laws of Being and Existence and the Rules and Structure of Quadrality could be stored and transmitted. Moreover, it exhibits all of the vibrational and rotational properties of the Triunity of Tangible Creation – Light, Sound and Heat. So, it’s also the medium for the orchestration of God’s four fundamental frequencies of universal oscillation. Quadralitically, it is the embodiment of God’s Soul, Heart, Mind, and Body. After all, Water may not have been around from Zero Moment, yet the information it contains was. And it is no accident that whatever the mixture was that began to cool from its near infinitely hot beginnings is often referred to as an "ion broth" or a "cosmic soup." Then once sufficiently cooled, it became the medium into which scientists now find the CMBR "frozen" (great metaphor!) in space. It may not have been water, but it had all of the information storage and transmission properties of water. And while other liquids have those properties to some extent, as the Universe continued to specialize, water became the one assigned this specific duty since it was the best candidate to do so for all existence – organic as well as inorganic. And in that regard, while we have just seen how it both contains the intangible coding and is the tangible medium for inorganic existence, as Dr. Emoto explains it has the unique property in its solid state of expanding from and floating on its liquid form. It is this characteristic that makes it possible for any life to have evolved in Earth’s bodies of water at all.

Yet another noteworthy contribution the System of Quadrality can make to Dr. Emoto’s observations lies in our earliest understandings of all human consciousness having risen from the Earth’s magnetic fields and electric currents – what I’ve referred to as a planetary hard drive. Dr. Emoto mentions research into rain water that had seeped into the ground over hundreds of years. And when it eventually worked its way back out it had become "wise water." In other words, it had learned something! Having been in communion with Earth’s hard drive as we have come to understand it certainly explains how. But if we think seriously and look deeper we’ll also understand why. I propose the exchange of information between Earth and Water goes in both directions, and has since ice comets first helped to deliver it. The Earth had stored the eons of its existence worth of information concerning the nature and functioning of the elements necessary for inorganic structure that Water itself did not contain. Yet these were the very same elements organic existence would require, most notably Carbon and Nitrogen. Moreover, it was wisdom in the context of the Earth’s particular tuning for the four fundamental frequencies. And Water would share with the Earth all the information it contained about making life possible. For the Earth to become anything more than the molten mass it was, would require Water’s co-creative effort. From the Fire of creation had come Earth – the Extremes of Quadrality. And from the Water of creation would come Air – the Means of Quadrality. The mechanisms of unification were the very same principles of vibration and rotation embodied by the Quadralitic Cube. This would be so that from the four together could come us.

The Theory of Harmonic Creation includes in its definition being the perfected merging of Music and Mathematics. So, information shared between Earth and Water purely at the level of energetic rules only addresses the Mathematics in that balance. This is the precision in the mathematician’s Mind and Body. But it is Music that makes Mathematics beautiful to listen to, a reflection of what’s in the musician’s Soul and Heart. So, while Earth and Water each have a consciousness, Water brings to Earth’s consciousness of Universe its consciousness of God. You don’t need faith to see this. Only Hydrogen was there from the beginning. All the other minerals in the Earth were created after the fact of the Zero Moment. And Water itself, H2O, is the merging of God’s contribution and the Universe’s. Is there any wonder, then, in their ratio? The symbolism is powerful. Dr. Emoto talks about Water being a reflection of what’s in a person’s soul. But it is clearly first and foremost a reflection of what’s in God’s. He mentions how looking at water crystals awakens a primeval memory. The crystals themselves contain his evidence. Within Quadrality can be found the explanation. And an awakening of primeval memory likewise was posited by Susan Alexjander for the music of DNA. Recall these passages from p. 492:

Again, MATH makes processes visible. It decodes meanings. We can see the self-organizing power of the universe, and because the universe is a community it is constantly communicating. Are the sounds of DNA communicating anything to us? . . .

. . . These particular DNA ratios, originating in light, are profoundly arresting to the ear. This first wakes up the nervous system, puts it on alert. What follows in sound is then allowed to enter our psyches on a deep level. People report feelings of connectedness, familiarity. "I feel right at home," they say. It is tempting to speculate that the body is recognizing itself, and is communicating this to the psyche. [See footnote on p. 492 for reference details.]

Dr. Emoto chose to self-publish his collection of photographs, as well as his thoughts on them, in June of 1999. He did it not because he was looking for wealth or fame, but simply because he felt he had discovered something extremely important that he was meant to share with the world. When it went on to become a word-of-mouth bestseller in Japan, it was a surprise both for him and the publishing industry, as such an accomplishment is rare. But I can relate in a very personal way to Dr. Emoto’s altruistic drive to present his findings. I’ve devoted nearly seven years of my life to this work, and while I hope it will allow for me an abundant one, that could never have been my motivation. It would either have obscured or distorted the truth I sought, or caused me to quit long before I’d found it. For me it has always been about the quest for truth and then sharing that information to help create a better world. And in that regard I would embrace Dr. Emoto as a comrade in arms – not the arms of war, but the arms of love.

To effect the availability of this to the greatest number of people, I have chosen to provide three versions. The Print Edition is of course the first, but I admit the cost of print-on-demand self-publishing may limit its audience. Nonetheless, it does offer the main text in a convenient form to flip through and read, with all the illustrations printed and easily accessible. The second version is the Digital Edition. In addition to including the previous 26 essays, it is, I feel, the best form for academic pursuit, and is also more attractively priced for the student. Aside from the internal links, which are effective study tools in providing for a customizable trip through the System of Quadrality, it allows for the ability to use word searches to follow a train of thought – something I myself did often in its creation to insure consistency. Moreover, an extensive bookmark tree is included to assist the traveler in navigating the entire text or in being guided to the next destination.

But early on I chose to make the digital version available in another form, to anyone in the world with Internet access. After all, if I hoped for this to contribute in some way to changing the world, the whole world would have to be aware of it. I felt I had been shown the path to the information I’ve shared with you because the world needed it, and, such need should transcend financial consideration. To facilitate that, I have excerpted portions of my book and assembled them into 32 articles, covering the gamut of ideas covered herein, including all key principles. These have been made available for download on my web site, www.TotalityOfGod.com, as have the 26 essays of the Digital Edition for anyone who purchased the Print Edition, which, due to print-on-demand limitations, doesn’t include them.

I have often spoken of our creating Paradise on Earth, Mokichi Okada’s dream. It has become mine, as well. But I daresay this dream is not one I hold alone. And to facilitate its realization, I hope my web site will also provide a portal for all those who share a similar desire and are committed to work for it. In that spirit I present you with another passage from Maseru Emoto’s wonderful book:

Words are an expression of the soul, and the condition of our soul is very likely to have an enormous impact on the water that composes as much as 70 percent of our body, and this impact will in no small way affect our bodies. . . . Indeed, a healthy spirit most comfortably resides in a healthy body.

Out of desire to help as many people as possible remain or become healthy, I had worked for years taking care of the sick. And the more afflicted people that I see, the more I become convinced that illness is not just an individual problem, but the result of the deformation of society as a whole.

Unless something is done about the deformed world that we live in, and unless we can heal the wounded soul, the number of people suffering from physical illnesses will not decline.

So what are the deformities of the world? These are the deformities of the soul, and such deformities have an impact on the cosmos itself. Just as a drop in a pond creates a ripple that spreads out endlessly, the deformity of even one soul spreads throughout the world, resulting in global deformities.

. . . The earth is searching. It wants to be beautiful. It wants to be the most beautiful that it can be. . . .

And I have found the most beautiful crystal of all – the one created by "love and gratitude." This is supposedly what all the world’s religions are founded on, and if that were true, there would be no need for laws. You already know the answer. "Love and gratitude" are the words that must serve as the guide for the world. [Emoto, pp. xxvi-xxviii.]

His message is clear. Religions as they have been practiced have failed at their express purpose. What should have created a world filled with love and gratitude has instead left us with fear and greed. This is not the fault of God, Father of all Light and Truth, nor is it of His Messengers, each of whose illumination I’ve hoped to reflect as they have so shined it. This is the fault of what the human race has done with their messages. In this effort Religion and Science must be unified. While Religion can provide the moral compass to point us in the right direction and keep us properly aligned, it is Science that will provide the tools of its completion. The end of poverty, conflict and disease is within our grasp if we all work together to reach for it.

Earlier, I spoke of the need for interpretation itself to be truthful, and that our results will bear witness to that. Look around you at the world Man has fashioned and search your soul and heart for the truth in the evidence. Then look around at the world God has created – a natural paradise custom made for His creations – and seek the truth in that, as well. Which is the higher truth? And which is the world you’d prefer to live in? The key to change is, as Dr. Emoto said, within love and gratitude. But of the two, he feels gratitude is twice as important. Tony Robbins, with whom I began my journey, said to live with an attitude of gratitude. And Mokichi Okada, who provided me the necessary roadmap, taught my why – because gratitude gives birth to gratitude; gratitude forms light, which reaches God, and a person would be blessed in proportion to it. He said he could barely find the words to express his gratitude for God’s wonderful blessings. So, begin as Jesus asked – by loving God, one another, and yourself. Next, turn to the Creator and give gratitude. And then, live like you mean it. You won’t have to wait to cross over to the other side for a heavenly reward. Your Paradise will begin right here on Earth.

You may be curious as to how Dr. Emoto arrived at realizing that we should exhibit gratitude and love in a ratio of 2 to 1. He says it came from the molecule of water having its atoms in a ratio of 2 Hydrogen to 1 Oxygen. At one of his seminars, a woman, upon hearing this, said it was like how we have two ears to listen and one mouth to speak, to which he heartily concurred. In a sense he was affirming that a person’s gratitude, the listening or receiving energy, should be double their love, the speaking or giving energy. A student of Quadrality would immediately see that this balance, receiving to giving, is the behavioral reversal of its spiritual alignment, giving to receiving. Actually, the fact that behavioral reversal is in play should be no surprise, since Dr. Emoto speaks of this as the appropriate human balance in the physical world. But any reader, including one less versed in Quadrality, may then ask how his water analogy relates to that which I earlier made for the very same water molecule. You’ll recall I associated Hydrogen, the element from which the Universe began, with God, and Oxygen, the created element relevant to water, with Universe. God to Universe is the spiritual order, as is love to gratitude, the active giving to passive receiving. The act of creation is by its very nature an act of love. Who’d want to endure the process of creating anything if they didn’t love it? Think of how much God must have loved the Universe He hoped to create given what it would take – an explosion the size of infinity! Then, in keeping with the comment made by the woman at the lecture, God spoke the Word of creation and the Universe listened! But more importantly, God’s love didn’t end with that first creative act. It continues to this day. In the Holy Bible, John 3:16 begins with "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son." God gave and we received. We show our gratitude by being loving – by being and doing what God loves. Then, the circle is complete.

So, when and how does behavioral reversal come into play such that the gratitude each person feels for the love God has sent becomes the active, or stronger, energy? Let us keep our spiritual alignment for all principles we’ve discussed. If we then examine the balance of atoms in water as Dr. Emoto has – by the proportion of each element – and consider love the active energy, we have:


Balance by Proportion


But let’s now examine what happens through behavioral reversal, with gratitude as the active energy, and consider these elements not in a spiritual sense by their proportion, but in a physical sense by their cumulative atomic number and weight.


Balance by Number and Weight


The atomic number is the number of protons an element has, which gives it its place in the periodic table. Each Hydrogen atom has 1, each Oxygen has 8. The atomic weight is its average mass, equal to the total number of protons and neutrons. Hydrogen in its most common form has 1 proton alone, Oxygen has 8 of each. Seems like in either case we need a lot more gratitude than 2 times love!

Of course, all these numbers are allegorical, devices we can use to make a point. And Dr. Emoto does that himself for Einstein’s relativity equation, E=mc2. He posits that rather than having c signify the scientific speed of light, as Einstein at least professionally intended, we let it represent the metaphysical idea of consciousness – with c its literal abbreviation. He then imagines how even a slight shift in human consciousness would result in an enormous planetary energy shift. Dr. Emoto wonders if Einstein might have pondered this himself – about considering his formula in a spiritually energetic rather than physically energetic sense. It actually wouldn’t appear like a stretch for him to do so in his private meandering. After all, he did seem to have a greater awareness of God in the cosmic Big Picture than most scientists of his day. Regardless, Dr. Emoto says that since everything in the Universe is relative, it wouldn’t be a mistake to see the formula in this new way. I would surely agree. Indeed, I used Einstein’s equation in explaining the Universe’s creation as the bridge between spiritual and physical realms. And if we apply it now in our present context, we can see that the ratio of 2 to 1 for God’s love and the Universe’s gratitude is a horrible injustice to the love of God. To satisfy the enormity and magnificence of the Universe we observe and for which we should be grateful, would mandate a love of God for His creation beyond our human imagining or measure!

Rather than in conflict, Dr. Emoto and I are saying the same thing. It’s simply a question of how you apply behavioral reversal, which can be seen through an idea we found to be so crucial to understanding multidimensionality – degrees of freedom. Each duality being combined represents another. Four dualities have four degrees of freedom. Realigning any with respect to the other three reflects the same first degree of behavioral reversal, which here occurred when Active and Passive were reversed. To reverse Love and Gratitude instead, as Dr. Emoto has, would also place them at the first degree of behavioral reversal. But it is not the same condition of existence, since Gratitude now aligns with God, not Universe. Reversing both dualities produces the second degree of behavioral reversal, further down but on the same evolutionary tree (see p. 693). And it may actually be the one in which the emotions of Gratitude and Love align with the elements of Hydrogen and Oxygen in accord with a connection Dr. Emoto says exists between any given emotion and one of the elements in the periodic table. This follows from his assertion that each thing generating its own unique frequency is a fundamental principle in the Universe! (Hydrogen and Oxygen, as well as their proportions, atomic numbers and weights, have remained fixed.)

Author’s Note: The portion of the EPILOGUE relevant to Dr. Emoto’s work picks up on p. 1020 and continues to the conclusion of my book. The interim section, a philosophic detour into the subject of sin and karma, appears at the end of the stand-alone article GOOD AND EVIL.

Early in this work I referenced the book Contact as a way to introduce the scholastic philosopher Sir William of Ockham, who often in our journey reminded us to keep it simple. I’d like to mention a comment made near the end of the movie based on that book. Dr. Joss, a noted author and theologian – and confidant to the movie’s heroine, a scientist – is asked if he believes her story. He answers the reporter by saying their goal is one and the same – the pursuit of truth. I believe we are at the point in human history when Religion and Science are meant to bring the two sides of that single truth – sides that so far have seemingly remained hopelessly polar – together to serve both Humanity and its Source. At the conclusion of the movie, Ellie, the scientist at the core of the controversy concerning an extraterrestrial journey and encounter with a highly advanced race, responds to a student’s query about life elsewhere in the Universe. She replies with the simple comment that if it’s just us, it seems like an awful waste of space.

Why talk of this now? There have been numerous science-related programs on PBS and cable channels like Discovery that dealt with the subject. A recent NOVA series, "Origins," is an excellent example. Several leading scientists participated and offered their findings and opinions. One of the most fascinating exchanges occurred at the end of the fourth and final program in the series, "Back to the Beginning." It took place primarily between Sandra Faber, University Professor of Astronomy at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the host, Neil deGrasse Tyson, himself a leading astrophysicist and director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History. The conversation centers on the findings of the DEEP (Deep Extragallactic Evolutionary Probe) survey, of which Dr. Faber is a core member. This excerpt from the transcript of the broadcast picks up following her exuberance at having found Oxygen in a galaxy five billion light years away:

NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: Two years into a projected 10-year observing program, the deep survey team has already detected thousands of distant galaxies that are rich in the elements of life. And that leads to a startling conclusion.

SANDRA FABER: Our universe is hospitable to life, that there are billions and billions of galaxies everywhere, cooking elements, making stars that are ripe for solar systems. The habitat for life is everywhere.

NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: That’s no proof that life itself exists anywhere else in the universe, but Sandy’s work does confirm that the elements essential to life as we know it are widespread throughout the cosmos.

SANDRA FABER: The message of the DEEP survey, and all the other information that we’re getting, is one beautiful story, a new version of Genesis, a new version of the cosmic myth, only this time it’s scientifically based, from the Big Bang to now: Big Bang, formation of galaxies, formation of heavy elements in supernova, sun, Earth, life—one unbroken, great chain of being.

JEFF HESTER: Just in the last few years, we’ve reached the point that we can start with the origins of the universe, we can end with a conversation among intelligent beings about how things work, and have an awfully good understanding of every step that came in between the two.

DAVID SPERGEL: It was as if we were basically assembling this puzzle, and all of a sudden you look down at the puzzle and you realize you’ve got it. The pieces are there.

NEIL deGRASSE TYSON: For almost all of human history, the heavens have been beyond our reach. For our ancestors, it was a place where the gods lived, or else simply a vast, untouchable realm of lifeless beauty. But now, the study of cosmic origins tells a different story. It tells us that the story of life, of us, extends far beyond earth. It tells us that the emergence of the conditions for our kind of life was no accident. Instead, it was a natural outcome of almost 14 billion years of cosmic evolution, a chain of connections that links the birth of the universe to us, right here, right now. [http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/transcripts/3114_origins.html.]

The emergence of the conditions for our kind of life was no accident! This conclusion comes not from the fanciful meandering of the metaphysician but from scientific evidence. All the pieces of the scientific puzzle haven’t been filled in yet. There are still many questions to answer. But the overall Big Picture can be seen. Finding 1000’s of galaxies rich in the elements of life doesn’t mean life like us has to be there, but the potential exists; and the likelihood seems high for at least basic forms of life. Experiments have shown that given the right set of conditions the progression from inorganics to amino acids to larger building blocks of life seems to occur rather naturally. These right conditions are believed to have existed on Earth, and they seem to exist, or at least be capable of existing, throughout the Universe. Even some of the most prohibitive requirements posed by proponents of the extreme anthropic principle, like a Jupiter-sized planet in relation to one like ours, have been found. It makes you think. Even if you don’t want to picture two giant hands mixing ingredients in a Universe-sized bowl, doesn’t it appear like a tremendous amount of thought went into it? To me, the extent of the planning is extraordinary. I’ve always maintained herein that for anything to take place in the physical world requires a physical explanation. Given this truth, I have allowed that some of those explanations may concern things we don’t yet understand. But even for all those things we do understand there is an elegance and simplicity that would make Sir William smile. The basic 92 elements in the periodic table, those found naturally in the Universe, were all created in stars. And yet, the ones most essential for life were right near the top and were among the first formed. It all came from Hydrogen, the Unity element – one proton and one electron. Hydrogen fuses to make Helium, important for life not as an ingredient but as a building block for what comes next. The fusion creates enormous energy – the light and heat with which stars begin and continue to exist. And from there the production of elements is off and running. Three Helium atoms make Carbon, the backbone of all organic structure. Add another Helium to Carbon and you get Oxygen, the breath of life! Nitrogen rests between them on the periodic table, the nutrient of life. And when molecules finally start to form, Hydrogen and Oxygen get together to form the fluid of life. Scientists on NOVA say water is crucial to life because it is the ideal solvent for molecules to move in and interact. Truly, the beauty and precision boggles my mind. And when I add the realization that from those humble elemental beginnings came everything including the brain in my head allowing me to ponder such matters, I am lost for words, almost, which is a good thing or I couldn’t finish this book!

But the brain is such an amazing instrument that no scientific study of its tissues or synapses has yet to, or may ever, do justice to how and why it works. Our computer processors, memory chips and hard drives can simulate functions of data analysis and storage, but they can’t duplicate the subtle and mysterious ways our brain allows us to intuit, feel, think and create. And if our brains are capable of doing all that, in the tiny receptacles we call our bodies, consider the capability of the one it models, the one for which its body is the Universe!

To think of the Universe as an enormous brain may seem more like fiction than science. After all, despite our inability to see into all the mysteries of the mechanics of the brain, we know the energetic impulses traveling through it, and which make its functioning possible, are real. How can all that apply to the Universe? But the fact that there is so much to how our own brains work that we can’t see either should give us a clue. The tangible Universe contains the entire range of energetic values for Mind and Body. And in this study we’ve discussed manifestations of those that are hardly visible, and likewise more like fiction than science – sub-quantum fields that permeate everything and invisible particles that pop out of them from nowhere. We’ve explored inertons that could be the sounding board of consciousness and superstrings that may be the multidimensional fabric of all materiality. All of these could provide the Mind of God with the synapses and tissues of the Universe’s brain.

Dr. Emoto mentions a worldview based on a world we cannot see, proposed by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake of Cambridge University in England. Dr. Sheldrake talks about another field, a morphic one formed when events repeat themselves. Resonance with this field increases the likelihood of events happening again; i.e., events are capable of resonating in the same way sound resonates. He says it would explain phenomena like synchronicity, collective memory and archetypal patterns. [Emoto, pp. 91-95] Though Dr. Emoto doesn’t note him mentioning this, such a field would also account for the Hundred Monkey Theory, several times referenced herein.

As you know, the System of Quadrality provides for the existence of myriad energetic fields within the Universe’s multidimensional range of values, each with its own specific purpose and function, which somehow combine and coordinate to effect the purpose and function of the Big Picture. Dr. Sheldrake says that his morphic field would extend through all space and time. And Quadrality would thus likewise provide, as described in the essay Further Thoughts on the Multidimensionality of Time, for the mechanics. Moreover, he qualifies there is a starting point for the events in this field. So, events of a common energy are like the cameras in the above essay filming an event-line begun by one, seeing all that came after yet none of what came before.

But our apparent ability to interface with this morphic field through our actions, in resonance with a new event, causes me to ponder how we’ve been resonating with it for events occurring since perhaps the beginning of human existence – things that affect the balance of Good and Evil. I believe these are thoughts Dr. Emoto has likewise resonated with. He says that everything in the world is linked; whatever you are doing now is being done by someone else at the same time. So, he contemplates, are we creating morphic fields of pain and viciousness, or are we creating a world filled with love and gratitude? [Ibid., p. 99.]

In "The Hidden Messages in Water," Dr. Emoto says you need to speak your intentions to set the process of actualizing them into motion. Merely talking to someone else will enable you to interface with the energy fields from which will come the other opportunities, individuals and things you will need to manifest your dreams. I like to think of it as "planting seeds"; and I earlier talked of my predisposition to the water crystal information as a seed someone else had planted inside of me. Planting seeds is a co-creative process between you as the farmer and the Source of all life. Farmers will tell you to start with good seeds, and to plant them in fertile soil. So, choose your seeds wisely and don’t toss them idly about. You then have to nurture the seeds, but allow them to grow as nature provides. Nurturing as co-creator involves fostering a positive environment for growth in your own life. But allowing them to grow recognizes the size and timing of the crop ultimately rests with the Source. The greatest yield comes from the balancing of perseverance and patience.

And referring to your aspirations or desires as dreams is more literal than metaphorical. For the truths of Religion and Science to merge requires a leap to the acceptance that a consciousness beyond our comprehension conceived of this. And as you know, I call that God. But consider It any way you wish. This doesn’t mean God sat there and worked out all the formulas of physics or figured out the periodic table of elements, or played with the pieces like a child with building blocks and a chemistry set. He merely thought what He wanted and spoke the words out loud. And then from His own infinite creative field came whatever was necessary. He didn’t have to write down the Laws of Being and Existence. He was those laws. He didn’t have to draw the Quadralitic Cube from the Rules of Quadrality. He was them; was, is, and will be – you, me and everything else – past, present and future.

And if you think I’ve gotten too philosophical and far removed from the science I said I’d draw from, consider the ways we use our own minds every moment of every day to intuit, feel, think and create. And yes, I do mean every moment. Take a few of those now and paint a picture in your mind. Begin with something real from your life and then let yourself go to wherever your imagination takes you. And see next if you can attach some emotion to the image, and don’t just think it, really feel it. You could be looking at a pile of dirty dishes waiting for some soap and water but see the beautiful blue ocean and sandy beach of your next vacation. Your heart might start racing then and there. Want to make what you just imagined real? Simply let your fingers do the surfing on the World Wide Web!

Now that you’ve had some practice with this simple mental exercise, try it again but close your eyes. By shutting off their sensory input you give yourself a dark screen upon which the images can appear more clearly. And if you were able to reduce the input from your other senses, those aspects in your mind’s picture would likewise become clearer. In essence, you are taking a journey away from the physical world and into the mental. The images become more real, but in addition your connection to the intangible energy fields from which you can draw to manifest your desires increases. You are also moving further into the world of dreams. And it is when we dream that we as human beings can get the greatest sense of what creating through thought would be like for God.

In our dreams we’re as far removed from tangible reality as we can while alive. We enter a mental world where everything seems real, so real our physical bodies will often respond to it without our knowing. The connection between both worlds is always there, such that at times, as we drift in and out, we may not know which world we’re in. And we can even go deeper in the other direction, to a level where we can dream within a dream! Psychotherapists say dreams may reflect aspects of ourselves hidden from our conscious mind. And the dreams allow them to be revealed through ways we can handle, to act them out or even confront them, or to simply be made aware of them for processing in the waking world. But these "inner selves" I feel need not be just darker aspects but windows into grander ideals, personal aspirations, and even messages from a yet higher plane meant for our benefit. Some time ago I mentioned dreams I had that helped me to avert a future accident. But I have also had dreams in which creative seeds were planted by the Source – songs I’ve written, ideas for inventions, and of course, portions of this book. I only had to awaken and pour the life-giving water of my own efforts on those seeds for them to grow.

Now perhaps you can have a greater appreciation for what creation might mean to the Mind of God, and the co-creative connection we have to it that helps us to do the same. Think wisely about what you choose to create, and also the creative source from which you draw. The Source of all contains the Darkness as well as the Light. But only one will enable you to create Paradise on Earth.


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