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Q.  Doesn't using the word God exclude all those people whose beliefs or practices, for religious or cultural reasons, don't relate to it?

A.  My decision to use the word God, as well as what it means and how it applies, is covered extensively throughout the text.  I offer a summary in Footnote 9 of "The Four Pathways," the section of "The Bridge of Truth" website devoted to the scientific foundation of my philosophy.  For convenience, I have reprinted it here:

(9) Note that God in The Totality Of God is used in the most inclusive sense possible, as should be evident from the previous description of "the source" in the Pathways.  Though its interpretations differ vastly, even spanning agnostic and atheistic aspects of disbelief, the word is widely recognized among English speaking people and it has been chosen by me to represent the above understanding.  Doing so permits including those for whom the word may not have relevance or meaning, but the understanding does.  To accommodate God’s complete range from essence to personality, the masculine personal pronoun is often substituted.  Again, this is a common Western convention.  Feel free to choose your own, or none at all.