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The ENCORE section of the Fourth Digital Edition is available free to download.
It is provided as a service to those who purchased the Print Edition and contains all 26 essays, listed below, in their entirety as a single, large file.  A high-speed internet service is suggested.

Spiritual vs. Physical Archetypes
On Behavioral Reversal and the Rules of Quadrality
The Unifying Truth Within Rotational Movement
The Conceptual Order and the Creation of Quadralitic Dualities
The Process of Further Levels
The Progression of the Three Types of Quadrality
Dual Duality and the Transition Phase
The Transition Phase and Graph C
Figures R-S and R-P, and Q
Expanding the Oscillatory Model into the Physical Realm
The Manifested Aspects of the Universe
Alignment of Circuits: Order of Realms vs. the Evolution of Q
The Evolution of Phase and Spin
The Mechanics of Spiritual Healing in the Theory of Harmonic Creation
Music, Mathematics, and the Cycle of Fifths
Spiritual Healing vs. Energy Therapy
Prayer vs. Intentionality: The Holy Spirit and Johrei
The Physics of Time, Space, and Multidimensionality in the Transition Phase
Multidimensionality and the Spiritual Realm
Further Thoughts on the Multidimensionality of Time
A Soul’s Journey: The Story of Life Drawn From A SPIRITUAL APPENDIX
Clarifying the Evolution of Energies in A Soul’s Journey
The Dual Quadralitic Orders and the Determinants of Universal Separation
Finding Truth Within the Movement of the Four Hybrid Orders
Mission, History and Purpose: A Graphic Summary
The Theory of Everything

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