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The Totality Of God and the Izunome Cross book cover

In 1993, Al Leone began to look for the answer to a simple personal riddle – why wasn’t his life working out the way he planned?  He embarked on a spiritual quest that within a few years found him deep within the Universe’s greatest mystery: how did it come into being and was some eternal essence or personality responsible for it?  Revered under many names, from Adonai, to Allah, to All That Is, he went searching for proof of the existence of God.  You are invited now to come along on his journey to unlock the secret to the riddle of the ages.

Within a powerful, contemporary sacred symbol designed in the East and known as the Izunome Cross, the answer was found and then formulated into a daring, new worldview that integrates metaphysics, mysticism, philosophy and science.

This is The Totality Of God.  Through it you will:

  • Navigate the evolution of human spirituality by using the Izunome Cross as its symbolic roadmap.
  • Explore Quadrality, the principle of four-in-one that allowed the duality of God and Universe to manifest into the four dimensions of space and time.
  • Discover the Principle of Harmonic Alignment, how all consciousness throughout the Universe resonates to four fundamental frequencies of universal oscillation.
  • Travel the Four Pathways to Light and Truth that the human race – born from that consciousness as found in the magnetic field and electric currents of its home – has taken to search for The Source.
  • Study the Theory of Harmonic Creation and its Laws of Being and Existence – a merging of Religion and Science, Faith and Evidence – to reveal what may have happened in the Universe before the laws of physics kicked in, and what now keeps it going.
  • Master the Laws of Karmic Response and Responsibility underlying the universal principle that “you reap what you sow,” and use them to reduce potential negativity incurred through one’s action and intention.
  • Learn and apply the Seven Steps to Wellbeing, a personally adaptable methodology of energy balancing that can help anyone to become their own spiritual detective and achieve a more paradise-like life.

The Totality Of God and the Izunome Cross is presented in two editions:

FIRST PRINT EDITION - available at Trafford Publishing

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover (B/W)
Pages: 708
Size: 8.25x11
Price: $44.00

FOURTH DIGITAL EDITION - available at Enter The Bridge

Format: PDF download
Pages: 1061
Features: Extensive bookmark tree and over 5000 internal links
Price: $24.00


Al LeoneAl Leone, a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology, from an early age showed a keen interest in science and invention.  But an even-stronger love for music later drove him to become an accomplished musician, songwriter and producer.  When a longing to reconcile his spiritual and physical truth took him in the direction of philosophy, he surprisingly discovered that music as well as mathematics would provide the keys.  His search quickly revealed a core issue facing all humanity – the need for Religion and Science to work together to insure its survival.  Out of his desire to help advance that ideal came a scientifically-based, unifying philosophic vision – The Totality Of God.